• The Problem

    Over one million children are orphaned in Kenya

  • The Idea

    Provide food, housing, education, and spiritual growth

  • What You Can Do

    Help build them a future
    through prayer and financial support

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  • About the Project

    Follow the progress of the Tigoi Orphanage

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The Problem

AIDS has left 1.5 million children orphaned in Kenya.

The Idea

Protect the children by providing food, housing, and churches. 1001 Orphans in conjunction with

What you can do

Help build a a future for these children through prayer and financial support. 100% of your gift goes directly to the local project, with no administrative costs. No amount is too small. See each dollar is a brick, and 50,000 completes the Tigoi Orphanage.

About Us

Follow the project as it grows from the ground up by reading in our blogs and adding us to your social media.